The Journey Begins

OK, so here I go – I am starting a blog.

Honestly I have started and stopped writing the first post so many times each time going over these thoughts in my head:

Do I even have the time??

  1. I work 40+ hours as a manager at the best coffee shop in Arroyo Grande called Cafe Andreini.
  2. I am a new wife as of April 5th! 9 months and counting.
  3. Along with being a new wife, I get the amazing gift of being a full time Bonus Mommy to 3 littles. Micah-7, Joshua-6 and Ellie-4

What would I even write about??

  1. I am not amazing mommy blogger like my sweet friend Stephanie or do a super fun extracurricular like surf that I can talk about – – > check out SURCH podcast for that.
  2. I was in elementary school when they tried out “whole language” so my spelling and punctuation are awful. I love a good RO sentence.
  3. My fashion game is seriously lacking…well game. I have no fashion tips to give. I prefer a messy bun to sexy curls.

Yet here we are my first blog post.

I have realized these are all EXCUSES!! Fear trying to rear its ugly head and stop me from chasing a dream of mine – WRITING. I love writing.

I am a very confident woman, I have had the opportunity to travel many places and move to a tropical paradise! (twice) I have managed top rated spas. (yes I am a spa junkie)

So why is there the inner struggle of being worried about failing – I feel like this is something that plagues our culture today! I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who said the same thing. “What if they don’t like what I have to say”, “What if they judge me”, “What if no one reads it”.

What am I afraid of? I know that my worth and value comes from God not man!

So as I have sat here, contemplating and praying about what to write I have been able to reflect.

Here is what I know:

  1. God has given me a voice!
  2. That my past and current struggles aren’t in vain, that someone needs to hear my struggles if only so they know they are not alone in theirs.
  3. I can’t promise I will post daily, but I will be open and honest with my real life for you to read. Some post positive and others well raw. They all will come straight from my heart this I can promise you.

Join me as I share the joys, the struggles and the giggles that come from being a blended family!

Until next time!

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